An old allegory teaches when Truth was born and went among Mankind.

The people didn’t want to hear what he had to say and so turned their backs on him.

Rejected and humiliated, Truth goes into the hills to live alone in a cave.

One night sitting alone by his fire, Story comes to him. 

She asks: “Why are you out here, alone and depressed?” 

Truth replies: “I am Truth, but when I went among Mankind, they would have nothing to do with me.” 

Story observes that it is no wonder, “Look at you, you’re naked!” 

She then says: “I am Story, I have many cloaks and robes. They come in all sizes and colours. Wear one of these and go among the people.” 

Clothed in one of Story’s garments, Truth returned to the people and is immediately accepted. 

It is said that since that day, no matter how harsh, hard or cruel Truth may be, when he comes clothed in a story, he is accepted.

What are you going to wear?


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