The Big Idea

I spent years playing the bass. Never needed a reason to play. 

Still don’t. 

Bass is the most authentic thing I do, played for its own sake and assumes its own shape. 

There was no BIG PLAN behind the work, it was a release away from day jobs, hassle, noise and doing things other peoples way.

Bass gave me freedom to do whatever I want my way

Was I any good? Was I going to get anywhere? Didn’t matter. There was never commercial intent, although money would have been great. 

It wasn’t about ambition. Bass belonged to me, I found it all by my own. Bass didn’t require money or the nod from any other persons say so. 

When I finally decided to look up from the bass I saw wide eyed people with dropped jaws staring at me giving me nothing but respect, the outside world paid attention to me.

Bass guitar taught me if you want to do something amazing with your life just make sure what you do, the BIG IDEA… is YOURS. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as what you have is YOURS.

No need to copy Mary, Bob and Jane ‘Crushing it’ when you find the courage to OWN WHAT YOU DO

People will resonate with what you do, which can turn into a lot of people resonating with what you do.

YOUR BIG IDEA Can Change You and Your World


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