October 17, 2016 steven

Sneaky Marketing Tactic

Marketing is the process of educating an Ideal Client of the value you bring to the marketplace.

The best way to demonstrate your value is to actually show what you do.

Look at musicians.

When bringing out a new song they don’t think about how can we market this new piece of music?

Musicians put the whole song out into the marketplace, not a tiny piece or a sample to get you interested.

The right people that resonate with that image go out and buy it and some buy the whole album and everything else that goes with it.

Musicians who do this consistency over time build up a following of raving fans that never leave.

Musicians focus on putting out their best work


It’s not an after thought about how can we sell this to the public?

Music speaks for itself

Put yourself and your best work into the public spotlight and the right people that need to see and hear your value will resonate and buy into you.

The best sneaky marketing tactic you can use is to put out your BEST WORK

The right people will resonate and become loyal fans


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