October 27, 2016 steven


Getting what you want requires marketing

Once you get into marketing it won’t be long before you’re confronted with assertive dominant characters telling you to sell yourself unabashedly…

Be bold and learn the ABC’s of sales

‘Always Be Closing’ 

Get more sales using NLP and hypnosis influence and persuasion techniques and everything else to get in the prospects head

Dominate, crush, and humiliate the competition

Be outgoing, fun, excited, bigger than life, etc., 

Jump up and down with the ‘Rah-Rah’ crowd

You’re ‘leaving money on the table’ if you’re not pounding the client for every last dollar they have

Times are changing

When you have a lot of energy around the work you care about, there’s no need to dominate, crush or humiliate anyone

Start With Story

You will be accepted as you present yourself

You don’t have to work that hard to tell a story that’s true




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