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Master Key

We all carry a mental image of ‘Self’

Unconsciously formed beliefs constructed from experience

Self-Image is the the kind of person you consider yourself to be

What you do, your behaviour is consistent with Self Image

Acceptance of the image assumes certain expectations

Believe things don’t always go right for you…

You fail

Consider yourself the type of person meant to suffer, YOU find the situations and circumstances to verify that assumption 

Self Image is a ‘Premise,’ a foundational basis for WHY you do what you do

Self Image gives the reason or justification for actions or behaviour 

Outside circumstances provide objective proof consistent with your Self Image 

What are you thinking?

What YOU think about YOU is the Master Key

Change your thoughts, change your future



If you’re not VISIBLY out in the world it’s because you don’t fully believe in what you’re doing, you’re not living your mission/message

Who you’re being in your business is not aligned with who you TRULY are

IMAGINE you do work that matters

IMAGINE doing work that INSPIRES

IMAGINE feeling deeply connected to what you do

How does that feel?

Your energy by being YOU affects people

YOU know you change people when you do your life’s work

You have access to technology and systems to take your best work out into the world

You can affect the right people deeply who will thank you for doing the work you know you want to do

You don’t just affect the people you come into contact with, you affect the people they come into contact with.

This can be your life


Stay silent and the truth remains hidden


Busking, Silver Buckets and Sting

Back in the day I would go up town and busk.

I grabbed my little amp, spare rechargeable batteries and my cheap guitar that kept going out of tune.

I used to busk for about 8 hours and make about £3.44.

I played the vocal melody line on the guitar to some backing tracks I’d made.

A couple of the tracks I remember were…

‘Come Back and Stay’ by Paul Young and ‘Englishman in New York’ by Stink.

When I played those tracks people would stop, stand their and really enjoy the songs.

I knew they were enjoying it, you can tell.

As soon as the music stopped, they’d nod, smile politely and get back to some serious shopping.

The music was good, the people enjoyed it…

But no money.

Ten years later I was in Covent Garden and watched this guy perform some kind of magic acrobat routine, I don’t remember exactly.

I do remember he had a large crowd around him watching him do his stuff.

When he finished he didn’t say thank you, sit down and wait for people to give him money.

At the end of his routine he picked up a painted silver bucket and went on to explain it was audience participation time.

“I want you all to put your hands, doesn’t matter which one into your pocket…”

He pulled out a pound coin.

“Take out as many of these as you like, walk towards me and put them into this bucket.”

He then straightened out his arms with the bucket on the end and said ‘GO.’

The big crowd all started to reach into their pockets and move towards the bucket and drop their money into it.

I could see his arms wobbling from trying to keep the bucket straight.

I thought ‘that’s how you do that.’

My experience has taught me that no matter how good you are at what you do, in one way shape or form at the end of your routine…

If you know you’ve provided great value it’s okay to ask for the sale.

If you don’t ask you don’t get.

Ask and it’s given.



The people you want to reach are up to their necks in information

People don’t need more facts, people need your story

They want to believe in you, your goals, your success and the story you tell.

When a meaningful story inspires and becomes real for them, they’ll have faith in you

Faith moves mountains

Not Facts


What Business Are You In?

Do you define yourself as a coach, consultant, info marketer…



If you want to grow an audience online and communicate with them on a regular basis

You’re in the ENTERTAINMENT industry

Once a ‘Pilot’ gets the go ahead



And show up CONSISTENTLY to do what they do

The people that succeed are not necessarily the best at what they do


Can you COMMIT to the PROCESS of putting an email, article or video together on a CONSISTENT basis?

It’s not about how much you know

Add the skill of COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY to ENTERTAIN your audience with what you know to succeed



I pushed the world away and kept it at arms length

“Phew, what was all that about?”

I withdrew, watched and waited

Finding the courage to show up

I realized I could have started a long time ago

Don’t Wait


Sneaky Marketing Tactic

Marketing is the process of educating an Ideal Client of the value you bring to the marketplace.

The best way to demonstrate your value is to actually show what you do.

Look at musicians.

When bringing out a new song they don’t think about how can we market this new piece of music?

Musicians put the whole song out into the marketplace, not a tiny piece or a sample to get you interested.

The right people that resonate with that image go out and buy it and some buy the whole album and everything else that goes with it.

Musicians who do this consistency over time build up a following of raving fans that never leave.

Musicians focus on putting out their best work


It’s not an after thought about how can we sell this to the public?

Music speaks for itself

Put yourself and your best work into the public spotlight and the right people that need to see and hear your value will resonate and buy into you.

The best sneaky marketing tactic you can use is to put out your BEST WORK

The right people will resonate and become loyal fans


Fruit Already Exists In The Seed

You may not be the person today you think you need to be in order to have the business you want.

That’s okay.

Getting on the path to doing what you really want ignites the process of transformation

You grow into the person you need to become

The fruit already exists in the seed


Who’s Telling Your Story?

Who’s really telling your story?

The King

The Queen

The Fool

The Warrior

The Hero

The Child

The Victim

Are they telling the right story?

Is this the way you want it written into the history books?

Story is a way of looking at the world

A viewpoint

A perspective

What story could be told?


Movement Is Superior To Meditation

During the ‘Act’ of playing the bass things come out

I didn’t sit their looking at it before deciding what I was going to play.

Being involved in the process things happen

Movement is superior to meditation.

Stop thinking 

Start doing


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