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Steve Bishop
What We Do

Who Are You Being?

I’ve been Steve the Factory Worker.
Steve the bass player.
Steve the stand-up comedian.
Steve the business man.
Steve the Author.
I was accepted as I presented myself.
You will be accepted as you present yourself.
Who are you being?
Who do you really want to be?

Do It Anyway

Do It Anyway by Steve Bishop

If you don’t ‘fit in’ do it anyway

If you don’t have the right hair do it anyway

The past is long gone so do it anyway

If you’re unsure do it anyway

Yeah but if you’re really unsure do it anyway

Even though you have doubts about it

You will be accepted and respected when you finally push through and…



P. S. You have my blessing to Do It Anyway


Success Secrets Of The Ancients

Bansir looked at the streets filled with tradesmen, beggars and half naked slaves bearing heavy goatskins filled with water to pour over the hanging gardens. Then glancing at the high towering walls surrounding the King’s palace he looked at his simple home. As a chariot builder of Babylon he was to finish a chariot for a wealthy customer, but couldn’t find the motivation to get started because he was struggling with a problem for which he could not find the answer.

The night before he had a pleasant dream where he was the owner of a handsome purse, heavy with coins, which he cast with careless abandon to all the beggars and unfortunates, he also bought finery for his wife. A glorious feeling of contentment was within him. But upon arising great feelings of sadness swept over him because he knew how empty was his purse.

Bansir realized he was as poor as the king’s slaves marching back and forth, day after day, year after year who had nothing to show for their work and nothing to look forward to. To know the joys of wealth they could only dream.

Six thousand years later we’re not much different – year after year we’re living life like a slave. Busy, busy, busy, doing it, doing it, doing it, getting nowhere. After half a lifetime of labour most still have an empty purse.

I was a bass player and spent every waking hour exploring how to perfect my craft, quietly hoping some day I would be recognized for what I was capable of and receive prosperity from my labour. I wanted to be someone; I wanted to be a man of means. I wanted to own my own home, a car, buy nice clothes and travel. I was never shy about working for any of these things. I realized this would never come in the way I was living; just the act of trying to sustain some kind of an existence absorbed all my time and money.

Why had I never found any mention of how to build or get wealth up until this point in my life? No one ever showed me how to build wealth and I didn’t think to ask because I didn’t know it was important. Instead of seeking wealth I was seeking bass playing and music, which I believed would lead to wealth.

If we talk about wealth in terms of music and bass playing, am I successful? To that purpose I devoted all my efforts, I am a successful bass player and musician.

In those things toward which you’ve exerted your best efforts you succeeded. And like Bansir, the Gods were content to let us continue on that road.

But now I see a new light that wants me to learn more that I may prosper more. With a new understanding we can find ways to accomplish our desires. Bansir was awakening to the need to prosper and decided to meet with his old friend Arkad who was now the richest man in Babylon and ask what was his secret to great wealth. Arkad revealed that Bansir hadn’t observed three important laws of wealth.

Most know that wealth is power; with wealth many things are possible, you can do all things that gratify the soul. Arkad upon realizing this decided early that he wanted to claim his fair share of the good things in life. He didn’t want to be one of those people standing on the sidelines watching everyone else have all the fun. He did not want to be satisfied with cheap clothes, cheap food and just ‘make-do.’ Arkad wanted to be a guest at the banquet of good things.

With that Arkad gave Bansir the first of three laws of wealth:

Pay Yourself First

Society teaches the masses to produce and consume. You go to work all week to earn money and at the end of the week, you’re taught to go out and spend it all. We like spending money, but what do you have left to show for it at the end of the month? Wake up to the idea that you’re working for other people and then you pay your money to everyone else except yourself.

From now on all the money you receive every month you are going to put to work for you. Save one-tenth of all the money you receive. Every piece of gold you save is a slave to work for you. Every copper it earns is its child that also can earn for you. From now on pay yourself one-tenth of all the money you earn first and put it aside.

Control Your Spending

The second key to wealth may sound too simple to grasp, but you must control your spending; spend less than you earn. It is a strange thing throughout my life that no matter how much I earned I always managed to spend it – expenses always grow to equal income.

The secret here is to not confuse necessary expenses with the gratification of desires; you have more desires than your money can ever satisfy. You spend money today to gratify your desires, but there are always more desires that are still not satisfied. Everyone is burdened with more desires than they can gratify. Look at you habits of living; what are you buying without thinking?

One way to focus in on your money is to do your taxes every week or month. Focus on getting your taxes done, looking at money coming in verses money going out provides valuable insight into how you live. I’m always surprised by how much money I’ve spent on certain things. They’re many things you can do without.

Controlling your spending and putting one-tenth of your money away – let this be your great desire that is being fulfilled. You can realize cherished dreams by defending them against casual desires.

Magnify Your Money

In the first law you learned to pay yourself first and accumulate your own money. The second is to control your spending so you learn how to live on less than you earn. The third law is to seek counsel, to seek advice from those who are competent through their own experience to give it so you can make your money work for you and magnify your money. But know without partners, counsellors or mentors you cannot succeed.

Proverbs 15:22: Without council, plans are frustrated

Proverbs 11:14: Where no council is, the people fall

You haven’t achieved your dreams because you haven’t sort council; someone that knows how to do the thing you want hasn’t mentored you. A good mentor accelerates and multiplies success and bad counselling accelerates failure.

Every person desires an income to fulfil life’s desires, to work and to travel without worrying about money. A person’s wealth is not in your bank account, it is in the streams of income that continuously flow into your account from your efforts, an income that continues to come whether you work or travel.

When you find your way to these truths, your place in the sun awaits you. You’ll find that life is good and life is rich with things worthwhile and things to enjoy. No one can fill that place for himself until they’ve worked out their own understanding of what has been said. When you understand these truths, you’ll be ready to get the life that is waiting.

Be like Bansir and give up the toil of the chariot building business and seek counsel to learn how you can sit at the banqueting table of your life’s desires.


The Greatest Challenge

Something you’re thinking about doing that you’re not sure how to do has already been done by another person.

A ——————————— B

Somebody worked on the problem long before you and figured out how to get from A to B.

From their experience they developed a system or a process that can be replicated by other people.

There’s no shortage of systems in the world today.

Your biggest challenge is to identify what you want.

Once you know…

Find someone that has the system to realize that End Result.

Your Greatest Challenge is to Know What You Want.


Are You Getting Ready To get Ready?

‘Being ready’ is an illusion because there’s always more you can learn… how much knowledge and information does a person really need before they’re ‘ready?’ 

I dreamt of playing like Mark King in front of thousands of people, even though I’d never picked up a bass before. I first saw him play on TV back in the day and with my internal mind I pointing to the screen and screamed ‘I want to do THAT!’ even though I’d never seen anything like it before.

I don’t remember learning to ‘slap’ bass, I just started doing it and before I knew what it was all about I just started playing in bands.

I don’t ever remember thinking I’m not good enough, I don’t know enough or I’m not ready yet.

I was too busy doing it.

Consider the idea you know enough about your ‘thing’ already and are good enough today.

When you do the thing you want to do because you want to do it, you’ll find you enjoy doing it and you’ll do your best work.


Inner Persona

Actors assume an identity, a persona on stage

They’re ’Sounding Through a Theatrical Mask’

We all have an Inner Persona, perception or identity of how we perceive ourselves

Inner Persona creates the reality of what is and isn’t possible for us

What Persona are you playing?

Who do you need to become?


The Greatest Enemy

I jumped out of planes.

Bungee jumped

Performed stand up comedy.

I was conquering my fears. 

But still couldn’t get my music out into the world.

I didn’t know it back them but I became ‘Overly concerned with what other people think.’

People looking at me was paralysing. 

I didn’t start with the problem I developed it over time.

The fear of being looked at, of being VISIBLE is a killer.

If you’re not where you want to be and want to get out into the world because you believe on some level you’re playing small, consider the possibility that you silently don’t want to be seen.

Who’s going to listen?

Why should they listen?

Who am I?

Some celebrities have nothing to say and are famous for being famous.

They’re famous because they made themselves visible.

You Are Enough

The ability to show up is more important than your ability.



Getting what you want requires marketing

Once you get into marketing it won’t be long before you’re confronted with assertive dominant characters telling you to sell yourself unabashedly…

Be bold and learn the ABC’s of sales

‘Always Be Closing’ 

Get more sales using NLP and hypnosis influence and persuasion techniques and everything else to get in the prospects head

Dominate, crush, and humiliate the competition

Be outgoing, fun, excited, bigger than life, etc., 

Jump up and down with the ‘Rah-Rah’ crowd

You’re ‘leaving money on the table’ if you’re not pounding the client for every last dollar they have

Times are changing

When you have a lot of energy around the work you care about, there’s no need to dominate, crush or humiliate anyone

Start With Story

You will be accepted as you present yourself

You don’t have to work that hard to tell a story that’s true




Why do some people make all the money and some people barely survive and burn out?

People are afraid of change

We get comfortable doing the things we know how to do instead of the things that need to get done

We keep ourselves small

To play at BIG LIFE you have to show up in the world in a BIGGER way

To show up in the world in a BIGGER way requires YOU to be VISIBLE to more people




The more customers and clients can see YOU, the more they can self-select themselves and say you’re exactly what I need

People pre-qualify themselves and sell themselves into what you do when you go first


Do You Have What It Takes?

Are You Up For The CHALLENGE?

Or do you settle for what you can get rather than what you really want?

If you don’t do what’s in your head that you know you want to do, people will transfer the same problems you’ve faced down to the next generation and so on down the line

All knowledge and wisdom lost

One single person hearing your story changes everything

Set yourself free and reveal your personal truth to the world


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