February 3, 2017 steven

New Future Society

One hundred years of mass media marketing has taught us to acquire more and more material things… People have enough material ‘things’ and want something deeper, something with more meaning.

People have an appetite for transparency. There is a growing interest in human kind’s emotional side because we crave meaning, we want and are looking for real credible people…

We all want to have wealth and material prosperity, but they’re not the number one goal that motivates many people… Core Values are playing an ever increasing important role in people’s lives.

People need and want authentic real stories… real people to help them solve their problems, not faceless copycat marketers just trying to sell them the next latest and greatest…

Telling truthful honest stories, or being authentic is not just a trend or buzz word, but become a SOCIAL FORCE

That’s not just me saying those things…

Futurist Rolf Jensen’s writes in his book Dream Society that…

It’s a new society in which businesses, communities, and people as individuals will thrive on the basis of their stories, not just on data and information.’ (P.1)

People have become more concerned with finding and expressing their individuality than conforming to societal norms, people seek meaning.

Future products will have to appeal to our hearts, not our heads. When this has happened, the prevailing societal model in the affluent countries will no longer be the Information Society…

Now is the time to add emotional value to products and services.’ (P. Vii)

The market for stories [is] The beginning of the New Future

You’re at the beginning of this new future society… 

Now’s the time to put your story out into the world.



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